Thursday, 16 March 2017


Around 3000 classes are taking part in Get New Zealand Writing and Room 15 is one of them.  We were sent a box with all sorts of things inside to do for our class writing project.  The learners in Room 15 have been exposed to many opportunities to work individually, in small groups and in whole class situations to complete our challenge. 

Our first task was to find out all sorts of things about ourselves and share them by recording them on the big poster above.

One of our tasks was to create a postcard. We had to make the front extremely colourful. When we put all of the 30 postcards together they will read a Found Poem.


Next we had to learn about Metaphors and what they describe when we read or write them.
We read a Poem together called Iain Sharpe and identified the metaphors we read. 

Here is a photo of our own Metaphors we wrote about ourselves.

When we have completed our Found Poetry Art we will send it down south and they will send us their Project. It's like having a Class Pen Pal! We look forward to exploring the work we get in the mail.

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