Sunday, 10 December 2017


To read a map you have to think like a bird, flying above the school.
It's called a 'birds-eye view'.

Room 15 have been learning about different types of maps and how to read them. 
The first thing to learn is that you must 'orientate your map' -
 otherwise you end up going in the wrong direction!

We have been testing our map reading skills around the school by doing Orienteering Courses.
Mrs Cammell gave us a map and the rest was up to us to find
the hidden clues.
The maps show where all the markers are hidden.
Working as a team sometimes helped.

Our job was to follow the course on the map...

... to the right spot where the little white cards were hidden...

... and then write down the letters from the marker onto our map.

Sometimes they were put in tricky-to-find places.

Sometimes they were up a tree.
It was also a competition to see who could find all the right markers AND be the fastest...
so there was no time to stop and pose for photographs.

None of us got lost... we all turned up again in Room 15 - eventually!
  What amazing skills are emerging - accurate and very fast orienteerers!! 

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  1. Orienteering was so fun! I am glad everyone enjoyed it:)